Latin Exposure

Ten world famous and professional Latin dancers will be participating in this show, performing a whole range of Latin dances including Salsa, Flamenco, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Pasodoble, Bachata and much more.

‘An Evening of Latin Exposure’ is a visually exhilarating show.

The line-up of the illustrious artists includes: Matt Harris, Senay Taormina, Corina Wursch, Delarry Sawyer, Gaz Davis, Abbey Taylor, Vladimir Kozevnikov, Julia Luis Fernandez, Aaron Brown and Florence Edge.

Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bangladesh and Qatar Airways, a high powered and visually exhilarating Latin dance night will be showcased which will be an exclusive event for the management and top clients of the mentioned corporate houses.